[CUSTOM] Thanks for Sharing! 200% volume Alright so to start with basically you would be sitting in front of the camera, with a black or white bra on, and you would put the stethoscope in your ears and examine your upper chest from side to side listening to the sounds and doing some deep breathing - inhaling through your mouth and exhaling through your mouth with a sigh (as if you were fogging a mirror). you continue doing this for about 6-8 mins or so just moving the stethoscope all over your upper chest listening for what you hear, even move to the lower middle of your chest as well. after this, you would be wearing a tshirt (still with the bra underneath) and lie on the bed with the camera overhead as if you were taking a selfie (you may need assistance holding the cam if possible) from here you would be lying on your back with the shirt pulled up to expose your bra and upper chest, please try to lift the shirt high enough to expose your collarbones as well. from here you would proceed to examine your upper chest again with the stethoscope and then moving down to the middle and lower chest for about 6-8 mins. in this time you would be doing the same as you were sitting so inhaling and exhaling through your mouth just as above. towards the end of the video you may remove your bra and continue examining yourself. This would conclude the video., Size: 474.4 MB

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