Ashley Alban - Sis Catches You Jerking It


Ashley Alban - Sis Catches You Jerking It
Your step-sister walks into your bedroom unannounced to ask you something and you quickly try to hide the fact that you were jacking off to porn at your desk. She notices what was on the computer screen and sees you trying to cover up your lap. She laughs and calls you a perv. She wants to know what you were watching and although you again try to minimize your screen, you accidentally press the wrong tabs and she sees what you were watching. She looks confused at first and then says how the girl looks a lot like she does. She slowly realizes that you must find her attractive and she starts freaking out. She asks how you would feel if she told mom and dad and you beg her not to. She says that you’ll have to do something for her then, since that is how blackmail works. She ponders for a moment and remembers an expensive dress she wants to buy. She says that you’ll have to drain your bank account for her and even promise to give her the next three paychecks from your part time job. She decides that she wants to make this extra humiliating for you by making you jerk it to her. She starts playing with her tits and tells you to take out your dick. She says you’re probably still hard seeing her in her pjs. You uncover your crotch and she’s right; you do still have a boner. She laughs and calls you a freak while telling you to stroke your dick. She noticed that the girl in the video had an ass like hers, so she asks if you want to worship her butt. She makes you get down on your knees to stroke while she shakes and jiggles her ass right in your face. She asks if you want to see her pussy and asshole and you beg to, but she laughs and refuses to get naked for you. She continues to shake her ass until you shoot your cum all over. She then says it’s time to take a trip to the ATM to get her money, Size: 261.87 MB

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