Ashley Alban - My New Black BF


Ashley Alban - My New Black BF
You ran into your ex girlfriend Ashley at the coffee shop earlier and she invites you over. You really miss her, and even though she didn't seem that interested at the cafe, it must be a good sign that she invited you over. Right? Wrong. At her house, Ashley tells you that you need to get the point that she's moved on. She tells you she has a new boyfriend now and she wanted you to meet him. She says he's much better than you ever were. She explains that he's black, and well, his dick is bigger and he's much better in bed. You're angry, but turned on at the same time thinking about her with another guy. You ask to see his dick. Ashley is annoyed but calls him over to prove it. Your fantasies run wild and you ask to see her suck him. Ashley agrees on one condition: you finally leave her alone. You agree so she sucks his big black dick until he cums in her mouth!, Size: 605.53 MB

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