Ashley Alban - Ass Worship on Your Knees


Ashley Alban - Ass Worship on Your Knees
Back for more of Ashley’s ass? If you’re so in love with her ass, and you can’t help but jack off to it, you should properly worship her…on your knees. Ashley tells you to get down on the floor. She stands above you so you can look up at her perfect, round ass. Ashley tells you to pull your cock out and stroke it for her. She slowly strips out of her leggings and then panties, all while teasing you with her ass. Once naked, Ashley continues to jiggle her butt and even makes it clap. Ashley tells you that she wants you to drain your balls for her, and she counts you down from 10. Mmmm… don’t you love this view of her ass, worshiping her from below?, Size: 157.55 MB

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